Loft extension and alteration of the attic

Do you want to increase the living space of your home, but without having to give up precious garden space? A loft extension is the ideal solution for you. In no time at all, you will gain new usable rooms you can furnish exactly the way you want.

Don’t want to extend your home but just make use of the space you already have in the form of a loft? We can help you convert your attic a into additional living or sleeping rooms.

Loft extension – check out how we do it!

Depending on the type of building and shape of loft you have, we will prepare a comprehensive design and proposal for you. If you already have ideas prepared, we will be happy to meet with you and discuss them, and then, based on this, propose specific solutions that will work best for you.

Once the project is planned, we get down to business. We will carry out the entire loft extension job — from the initial building work to the final touches. We provide comprehensive implementation at every stage.

How can the loft be extended?

There are several options for extending your loft. Depending on the type of building you have and its technical possibilities — we will tailor the right type for you. Below are some examples.

Dormer loft

It consists of adding a new loft area to one side of a pitched roof. Such an extension is often shaped like a box with straight walls and a flat roof. You can plan any arrangement of windows or a possible terrace. This type of extension fits into almost any type of building. You can add up to 50 cubic metres of space this way.

Hip-to-gable attic

In this case, not only is the roof section of the loft is extended, but also the side. This creates a distinctive gabled extension, somewhat reminiscent of Victorian-era construction. It is perfectly suited, for example, to older building types and is popular for semi-detached and multi-family houses.

L-shaped attic extension

This type of extension is used in cases of buildings that have atypical side or gable wall layouts. When extending the roof part of the loft, the shape of the entire building is taken into account in the design, resulting in an extension that is usually L-shaped.

Mansard-type attic

A mansard-type loft extension involves the construction of an advanced extension, usually at the rear of the building, along with the addition of windows that project outwards, thus exploiting the full potential of the loft space.

Loft conversion without extension

When you need more space for your household, you don’t have to extend the entire loft — you can make use of the existing potential. Do you have an attic that hasn’t been used for years for anything other than storage? All you need to do is a loft conversion to adapt the space for other purposes.

To make this possible, the entire space must be emptied and cleaned. Then insulate the walls and the roof, as attics are usually the coldest places in winter and the warmest in summer. However, a few simple steps are all that is required to adapt an existing loft for living purposes.

Often, it is also worthwhile to carry out new flooring, such as underfloor heating. If you are planning to install a bathroom in the loft, you should also ensure that the necessary plumbing work is carried out.

One of the steps may also be to insert new partition walls to tidy up the loft space and separate the staircase, hallway and individual rooms.

The final touch will be the refurbishment work, which we also carry out.

When you need more space…

Has your family gotten bigger? When big life changes come along, you start to need more and more space. To do this, you can extend or convert your existing attic so that you have space to pursue your passions, accommodate guests or even offer each member of the household more space in your home.

A loft conversion will also be a way to increase your income — you can use the upper part of the house to rent or invite your immediate family, such as an adult child with their spouse to come live under your roof.

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