Property Painting & Decorating Services 

We specialise in painting and renovating flats, houses, apartments, offices, commercial properties, and all types of business premises.

We are a professional painting and decorating company with many years of high-quality workmanship, dealing with a variety of jobs and projects throughout many central London areas.

Refurbishment & Decoration Services

We paint walls, ceilings, doors, windows, fences, ceramic tiles, and others.

We offer comprehensive services related to wall finishing, i.e. all protection of surfaces against damage or dirt, priming, puttying, losses, cracks, stains and water stains, corner acrylic, and necessary cleaning after works.

Usually, the painting & decorating process involves:

  • room or space preparation, wrapping
  • repairing cavities
  • priming surfaces, walls, and ceilings
  • double painting

Our team of decorators paints as quickly and efficiently as possible to save time and avoid unnecessary mess.

We have plenty of years of experience in all types of painting and decorating jobs, very good technical facilities, and a fully qualified, reliable team of polish painters.

We paint cleanly, carefully, professionally, and, most importantly, reliably. We provide a guarantee for the services we provide. We always try to give everyone confidence in well-performed services. For this reason, we treat each project individually, trying to meet the terms and conditions contained in the contract with the client.

We can help with choosing the right paints, primers, putty, and even painting techniques and finish. We advise on the selection of appropriate materials and ensure their transport.

London Contractors is the leading polish building company in the UK. We offer a full range of home renovations, decorative painting, and building services for our domestic and commercial clients.

All you need under one roof

We offer the full range of interior decorating services, from painting to designing to installing furniture, plus we can help with building work such as electrical installation and plumbing work.

Fully insured, expert advice
All of our tradesmen are fully insured and qualified, meaning you can be confident that we’ll provide a professional service that’s right for you. Ask us any questions – we’re always happy to help! London Contractors is committed to providing the best service possible for our clients – so we’re happy to come out at a time that suits you and talk through your requirements.

Contact Details:
Call or Text: 07706742681 

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