Property Renovations & Refurbishments

Whether you are considering selling your property and want to properly prepare and refresh it for this, or you are planning to renovate your living space, it is worth entrusting the related work to the right team of specialised professionals.

Affordable renovation company in London

Looking for professionals to deal with the entire renovation of a property is not always easy. The optimal execution of renovation work requires not only a professional approach, but also a high degree of openness to the client’s expectations and ideas, as well as creativity and manual skills.

Whatever work you are planning to carry out in your flat, house or room, it is a good idea to have it carried out by a professional renovation company.

London Contractors is made up of a team that loves to take on challenges that are not only construction related, but also those that are associated with finishing and renovation work. We know that getting everything right can create amazing results that our clients will enjoy for a long time. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that the project is perfected down to the last detail.

Property renovations – what can we do for you?

We will carry out a comprehensive refurbishment of your property for you, whether you have an entire building or premises. We also offer renovation work within individual rooms, such as bathroom renovation or bespoke kitchen refurbishment.

We start with a thorough health check and create a thorough plan. What’s next? Complex flat / house renovations often involve several stages. From creating the design and the entire plan, to executing the individual works and the final touches — we do it for you! What stages of renovation work do we carry out?

The first stage is usually the removal of old paint, wallpaper, tiles, flooring or wall and floor panels. This prepares the ground for the finishing work to be carried out from scratch.

We then lay the missing installations — underfloor heating, electrical wiring and plumbing. We adapt these to a plan created together that takes into account the new appliances you want to put in the room.

We then prime the walls and carry out screeding if necessary. Depending on your project and your needs, we can only paint the walls or lay new panels. Complex renovation work is not always necessary — it all depends on our customers’ wishes.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

In the case of these two types of utility room, it is important that the plumbing and connection to the sewerage system are properly arranged. More often than not, customers opt for bathroom renovations when they want to make major changes, such as removing an old bathtub and installing a shower cubicle. It can be problematic to carry out such installations yourself, as it is extremely important to connect all pipes and tubes correctly. For this reason, it is advisable to have these tasks carried out by a professional renovation company.

In addition to all plumbing supply work, we will also carry out a full range of finishing work for you. We will replenish tiles that have been removed during the installation of the appliances, or install new tiles. On request, we can carry out a complete refurbishment of the entire room.

In the case of kitchens, our clients often want to convert a separate kitchen room into a living room with an annex — or exactly the other way round. This usually involves inserting or removing a partition wall, provided the technical construction of the building allows for this. There is also another solution, namely moving the kitchen into a completely different room. In this case, the part of the room where the kitchenette is located is developed in a different way, e.g., into a mini dining room. At the client’s request, we can rearrange any room in such a way that it takes on a completely new role, thus increasing its day-to-day functionality.